Thursday, November 13, 2008

Magnificient Melbourne: the dessert edition

After a lovely dinner at Trunk, the Handsome Australian and I were looking for something special to finish off our night of indulgence in the city. The dessert menu at Trunk just wasn't doing it for us, so we got our bill and headed elsewhere. At this point, the Handsome Australian was really missing the Good Food Guide and was kicking himself for leaving it in the hotel room. We were faced with two options: we could roll the dice and try a place we found along the way, or we could head to somewhere we'd been before and were familiar with.

Not wanting a lovely evening to end on a sour note, we went for option 2. Better the devil you know we thought. So we headed to a really fun and exciting restaurant, Gingerboy. We first ate at Gingerboy almost a year ago with our good friends Azza and Kylie. We were so impressed with our dinner that night that we vowed we would return. As I said before, Melbourne simply has too many restaurants to choose from so it's hard to get back to your favourites because you are too busy trying something new. So, the fact that we vowed to return means it must have been really, really good. We remembered lots of tasty dishes from that night last year, but what was of particular interest to us now was the dessert platter. If memory served they had a tremendous dessert platter with a beautiful selection of desserts. There was something there for everyone.

So Gingerboy it was. When we first arrived, the hostess told us there were no tables in the dining room, but we were welcome to sit at the bar. We weren't completely satisfied with our posie at the bar, but when a place is as busy as Gingerboy is, you really can't be that picky. Luckily, the same hostess approached us only five minutes later and told us she'd had a table come available in the dining room that could be ours in 5 minutes. Yes, please!

We didn't need to spend time pouring over the menu because we knew what we were having. The Gingerboy dessert share plate and 2 lattes, please. The dessert share plate is a fantastic way to try all the delicious desserts on the Gingerboy menu. There were five or six different desserts on the platter--all in miniature. I'd love to name them all off for you, but I was too busy drooling over the plate to take particular note of the descriptions being offered by our server (Lucky for you they have their dessert menu online so you can read them for yourself) The standout of the platter was the sticky black rice with mango and jasmine tea ice cream. You have no idea. Once I tasted that one, I hinted to the Handsome Australian that one of the other desserts on the platter was the tastiest so I could devour the sticky black rice all on my own! Shh...don't tell him. He didnt' suffer--there were five other desserts on the platter. It wasn't like he was without a choice in the matter.

I didn't think we'd be able to polish off the platter. In reality, I think it's best shared between four people, but we were happy to put forth the sacrifice required to finish. Then we were done. Well and truly done. Luckily we didn't have to drive home, we had a short walk around the corner to our lovely serviced apartment.

Once there, we only had one thing on our mind...where would we go for breakfast?


ibbabs97 said...

I am sure that is all that he had in mind. So where did you go for breakfast. There is no update on your breakfast site. Well since I didn't get a good dessert I guess I will go get me a snickers from the Halloween Candy

barbara said...

The restaurant gingerboy sounds interesting. When i visit my son i might get him to take me there. Do you find the habit in some melbourne restaurants for the men to stand outside and talk people into the restaurant annoying. I guess it must work otherwise they wouldn't do it. After visiting melbourne the restaurants in brisbane are very poor unfortunatley.

suzinoz said...

Gingerboy is very interesting Barbara and the decor is a lot of fun too. It's a very groovy place, but if you plan to go it's best to make a booking. They do tend to book out and you don't want to be disappointed. As for the restaurants where men stand outside and try and talk you in, I think those are mainly in Lygon Street in Carlton. I've never seen it done anywhere else. Those are all Italian places and in my opinion, they are all quite similar in menu and atmosphere, so they have to try hard to attract you because they've got nothing unique to offer really. I agree, it is annoying. Thanks for stopping by.