Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Haul

Thought some of y'all might be interested in seeing the haul of lollies my children collected during our neighbourhood trick-or-treat on Saturday. There were probably about 50 houses participating. We didn't make it to all of them, but we got to quite a few. As you will see in the photos, they collected plenty. So what types of lollies do Australians hand out on Halloween...see for yourself. There are a few surprises there!
This is my son's trick-or-treat bag sent to him by his American Grandma!

This is my son's lollie haul

Look closely, can you spot the candy cane? Interesting.

There were also some Halloween themed lollies which I was surprised to find in his bag. Didn't think such a thing would exist here. Learn something new all the time!

This is my daughter's lollie haul.

If you look closely, you will see a "Cars" themed goodies bag. This was full of all sorts of different lollies. A few houses handed out little bags of lollies like that. The bag is all that's left in my daughter's stash--she's eaten all the lollies that were inside of it.

My approach with Halloween lollies is to let the kids have a bit of it on the trick-or-treat day (basically as much as they can get into them before I take it away) and then I put the lollies away and dole them out each day. I generally only let them have one or two a day tops. I know, I'm mean like that!

Tonight as the Handsome Australian and I sat down with a warm cup of tea, I realised we had no biscuits (that's Aussie for cookies) left to go with our tea. It was then that I remembered the Halloween goodies and asked the Handsome Australian if he wanted to choose a treat from the trick-or-treat bags and he said, "No, I'm not really a fan of lollies." In his mind, lollies don't include anything of the chocolate variety. I had to explain to him that there was plenty of the chocolate variety in the bags and then he changed his mind. He robbed our oldest of a snack size Cherry Ripe Bar and a snack size Picnic Bar (neither of which I think exist in the USA). He then remarked, "I like the Halloween thing more and more each year."

Of course he does!


Erin said...

How great is that!? It's really heart-warming to see that... does remind me of "home". Great to see that your little ones can partake in such a fun childhood tradition! Glad you are keeping that alive for their sake!

And my father always raided my Halloween candy too... I think you are keeping in the tradition of all parents! :-)

suzinoz said...

Thanks Erin. We had a wonderful time. One of the highlights of my time in Australia thus far!

Annelise said...

HAM! You must be a responsible blogger and answer my questions in your last post. But in effort to make you work less I will ask again... What did your little ones dress up as and would the eldest consider being Dorothy so she could borrow Milo as an accessory? Also do you think you will ever bring them to the States for a "proper" trick or treating? And finally...do you think you are clever for finally escaping the vans full of children from across the border coming in droves for the "good candy"?
I am a little perplexed by the candy cane but go Aussies for making it your own, lol.
Did anyone hand out peanuts in the shell?

suzinoz said...

Annelise--My number 1 Fan!!! Oldest was a beautiful ballerina. Little man went as Captain Feathersword from the Wiggles. I'll ask her about the Dorthy gig. She wasn't that keen on being Goldilocks last year though, so we'll see. As for the vans full of kids, I'd love to see them here. I'd get their moms to cook me dinner and then I'd give them all the lollies they wanted! And no there were no peanuts in the shell--too dangerous now with all the allergies!

suzinoz said...

Oops I missed one Annelise--I don't know if they'll ever make it to the USA for a proper Halloween. I hope they can one day experience that.

ibbabs97 said...

I do the same with my children's candy. I use to work with a guy that let his kids eat all they wanted the first night then he traded the kids money for their candy. He would then bring the candy up to the office for all of us to get fat off of. I am glad that they had a wonderful time and got plenty of sugar to drive you crazy. Now if we can get the candy to last until Christmas when they get more in their stocking!
Really you shouldn't be putting your number one fan Annelise off when she asks you questions. What would you do with out her.

Anonymous said...

Someone definitely had a box of candy canes left over from the last Christmas. :-)

You sound like a good mum. It's only fair to dole out a little at a time.

I think some kids these days are so doted upon that they don't appreciate life's little pleasures. When I was a kid, it was a major thing to get to go to McDonalds. And if I got a happy meal? Supremo.

Annelise said...

Please send me photos of the kids in their costumes! And let me know what the ballernia's thoughts are on a canine companion for the next Halloween. OH! And the incident which we must never speak of again (one of many)...the one I speak of has to do with a window...the rosebush just sprouted 2 roses. SO the bush is only 3/4 of the way dead.

BTW, I was sick in bed last night when you text me. I had the tv off and was just trying to make the nausea pass...then you told me who was President! LOL, my Australian friend broke the news to me. I found that funny!

Babs! I am so glad you scolded HAM. She should never put off her fans.

suzinoz said...

Annelise--Photos are on the way. That's funny that my text was the first news you heard about President. Rose bushes are apparently hard to kill. I'm living proof--we've got four bushes in our garden and they bloom every year. It's got nothing to do with me, I'm desert girl!