Monday, May 4, 2009

One down, one to go

We've now been in the USA for a month. Well, I say the USA, but I really mean Texas. Texas, as we say here in Texas, is like a whole other country. I can honestly say that this saying rings true for me now more than ever before, because when we come to visit Texas we do feel like we are in a whole other country.

It feels as if we've been all over the state, but we really haven't. We've crisscrossed it once now and will repeat this insane behaviour two more times. We've spent time in the wilds of West Texas in the dusty but charming town of El Paso. We've been to the concrete jungle that is Houston and we've spent a week in the absolutely stunning Texas Hill Country (a beautiful area just outside of San Antonio). We've seen family and friends and have gotten up to all sorts. The Handsome Australian was here with us for the first three weeks but has since returned to Australia and the daily grind. We miss him terribly, but there is more fun to be had here and our flight back to Australia doesn't leave for another month. What's a girl to do? Seek out more tacos perhaps? I'm down with that.

I'm attempting to put together a few stories/observations from the trip so far so stay tuned for those in coming days.

If you are reading this in Australia, run out and drink a latte for me will ya? Have some vegemite for my oldest and someone go and ride my son's fire engine at his Australian Grandma's house--he's been banging on about that thing since we arrived here. Who knew a kid could miss a fire engine so much?


Anonymous said...

Another month! Lucky!
I will gladly have a latte for you, that is one thing I think I will miss when I move back to the US. can't wait to hear all about your trip home, ENJOY!

suzinoz said...

Thanks melbournebound. We are having a good time, but finding time to blog is difficult. I couldn't manage my own laptop with all of the other bits and pieces we needed to bring. Especially since I'm doing the bulk of the traveling on my own with the little people. It's a lot to carry. So I'm stealing time on everyone's computer when I can. Hard work! Will try and post more soon.

I've heard it's super cold in Melbourne! Hope you guys are staying warm.

Rita said...

Miss you guys!! Can't wait until you come back. Catch up time is an order!!!! :) I will make the time! Can't wait to read more of your tales :)

BTW I will have a hot chocolate for you. Coffee not so much my thing ya know ;)

Nathalie said...

Will spend my saturday shopping and drinking coffee whilst thinking of my treasured Texan friend. :-)