Monday, October 20, 2008

Your Questions Answered Part 1

Thanks to all my loyal readers--it appears I was wrong there are actually four of you instead of three--for responding to my last post with your questions about life in Australia or life as an Expat in Australia. My plan this week is to answer each group of questions in individual posts. So watch this space for your questions and my answers to come up!

First in, best dressed--as they'd say here in Australia--is ibbabs97 and here are her questions:

1. Do you miss your sister the most of all?
2. Do you dream in Australian like you did in Spanish?
3. How do you get us to not having so much stuff?That is all for now. Got to go clean out a closet full of stuff.

I think it's fair to say that ibbabs97 has strayed a bit off topic with the last question, but since she happens to be related to me, I'll let it slide. So let's get down to the business of answering her questions:

1. Do you miss your sister the most of all?

Well, ibbabs97 this is quite the self interested question isn't it? I certainly miss my sister. I miss her heaps, but "the most of all"? I don't know. That's a tough call. Firstly, my sister has two adorable little boys who are irresistible and I certainly miss them A LOT too. I suppose that could be credit in my sister's account as well since they are her offspring. There is something though, that I think I might miss just slightly more than my sister and my adorable nephews. It's something I just can't get here in Australia and every time I go back to Texas, I make a point to get as much of it as possible.

That's right ibbabs97, I think I miss the humble Whataburger most of all. What's not to miss? Made to order. Tasty. Just the right combination of toppings. Mmm....heaven! With 700 locations spread out across 10 US States, this Texas burger is quietly storming the country. Yeah, that's us Texans--very quiet!! =)

So I'm sorry ibbabs97 if that disappoints you, but I have to be honest here. I hope you'll still speak to me after this. I know you love a little bit of Whataburger too!

2. Do you dream in Australian like you did in Spanish?

Now ibbabs97, this is an interesting question. I think ibbab97 is referring to the time I lived in Argentina and was speaking Spanish almost exclusively everyday. During this time, I used to dream in Spanish when I slept at night. I've heard many people say that you begin to dream in a language when you have begun to master it. I definitely think that was the case in with Spanish.

The question at hand though, is do I dream in Australian. The answer is a very weak--I'm not sure. I can't think of a particular dream I've had where there was a memorable occurrence of Australian speak. I definitely had dreams about people that I know here in Australia and places that I've been to here. I just can't be sure about the language though and perhaps this is because it isn't too dissimilar to the English we speak in the USA...or maybe I just don't remember.

3. How do you get us to not having so much stuff? That is all for now. Got to go and clean out a closet full of stuff.

Again ibbabs97, slightly off topic but we'll allow it because you obviously need the help. I won't even mention the grammar problems you had in composing the question in the first place because we've got more pressing issues at hand. You've got a lot of stuff and you need to get rid of it. Here's my advice to you:

1. Avoid the Dollar Spot at Target as much as possible. While these items seem like a bargain, it is really rubbish and you don't need any of it. I don't care if it cost a dollar or not. Just keep on walking sister.

2. If you haven't used something in the last 3 to 6 months (and this means clothes, shoes, toys, craft items, etc) then you need to find a new home for it. No one likes to throw things in the rubbish and really we should try to recycle as much as we can. So have a think about some places you might donate some of your unwanted items to. There are lots of charities out there that would love to have your stuff.

3. Take some time to organise your house so that everything has a place. This means that when something comes into the house you will have a spot for it. I find when I have a place for everything, the clutter doesn't build up as much and it's easy to put things away because I know exactly where they go.

4. Children don't need every toy known to man. In fact, the less you provide them with, the more they will use their imaginations. This is behaviour you should encourage--they will become better problem solvers, more competent negotiators, and more creative people.

5. You must get the entire family on board with the decluttering of the house. You can't have one person working towards that goal while the others continue their hoarding tendencies. You've got to work together as a team.

Good luck with your stuff ibbabs97! I hope you can dig your way out of it.

Thanks for your questions. We'll answer someone else's tomorrow! Stay tuned.


Annelise said...

Well HAM...
I think you were mistaken. You do miss me more than babs and more than Whataburger. If you do not agree to this publicly I understand that it is only because you can not admit that I am your number one.
Luvs ya!

Searching for something said...

Suzinoz - you actually have 5 readers... (plus many other "closet" readers I'm sure) I love this blog, found it months ago and its my guilty pleasure snooping into an Expats life here in Oz. (Yes I'm an Aussie) - keep it up!

Searching for something said...

Hi Suzinoz - I think you actually have 5 readers (and many other "closet" readers I'm sure) I found your blog months ago and have loved it silly. I've been fascinated by the stories told from an outside perspective (yes I'm an Aussie) - its a brillant read and saved in my favourites! Keep it up.

suzinoz said...

Annelise--still lovin' the nickname! Thanks. You know where you stand--you're my number one fan!!

Searching for something--Thanks for speaking up..twice! I know your comments are very similar, but hey I love compliments so I published them both!