Saturday, September 13, 2008

Noosa is nice...

Having never been to Noosa before, the Handsome Australian and I have been quite pleased with what we've found here. Noosa and the surrounding area of Noosaville is a lovely little beach side village where there is something for everyone. As I've mentioned before, the Handsome Australian is a bit of a foodie, so the restaurants of Noosa were of particular interest. After that, it was pretty much the beach.

One morning we tried breakfast at Berardo's on the Beach. This restaurant with a refreshing atmosphere sits right on the Noosa Beach Boardwalk. What that means for it's diners is amazing views of the beach right from your table. The location is second to none in terms of closeness to the beach and having a great view--unfortunately, the food didn't rate and the service left us disappointed. The photo below is the Big Breakfast at Berardo's (it'll cost you $19 AUD): two poached eggs, bacon, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, and local sausage. Nothing special about this breakfast, except the fact that the bacon was way overcooked. If you like it crispy, then perhaps Berardo's is the place for you.After breakfast, it's always lovely to spend a bit of time on the beach. Noosa's beach is a nice one. The sand is soft and clean and has a whitish tone to it. The water has a beautiful crystal blue colour. This happens to be a long holiday weekend here in Noosa this weekend, but you can see from the photos, there is still plenty of room on the beach. That's another thing I love about Australia--even during busy times, there is literally no one here. World's best kept secret I reckon...either that or it's outrageously expensive to get here so no one bothers. Either way, it just means more room for the rest of us!

This photo is of a rocky outcrop near some parkland along the beach. The Handsome Australian and the little ones had a terrific time searching the rock pools here for sea creatures. They spotted lots of things--small fish, sea anemone, crabs, and the list goes on. It was better than a visit to the aquarium.


We went to a cafe called Aroma's one day for lunch. Aroma's is located in the heart of Noosa's famous Hastings Street (which is the main strip that runs through the village). Aroma's is said to be styled after a Parisian cafe with all the chairs facing outward toward the street. It's apparently Noosa's see and be seen place to go. We had a late lunch there one day and we weren't disappointed. The photo below is the Spiced Prawns salad. It was, in a word, delicious. It did take awhile to order our food here--you have to go to the counter to place your order--but once our order was in, the food came out quickly and efficiently. The coffees were good here too and met the Handsome Australian's very high coffee standard. The four year old was impressed with the design the barista managed to make in the latte cream. That's generally a sign of someone who knows what he's doing and according to the Handsome Australian, this guy did. A good coffee makes the Handsome Australian very happy. We like it when he's happy.

After lunch it's back to the beach for some more fun in the sun. The Handsome Australian loves the beach. He loves the sand, the surf and the thrill that comes with swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately for him, I grew up in the desert where there was no water for miles. I have no idea what to do with so much water. So I leave the ocean swimming to him.

All that sitting on the beach can make a girl really tired and even a bit thirsty. Good thing a hot steamy latte isn't too far away. Check out this beach side espresso bar where you can saddle up with your speedos and get your afternoon caffeine fix.

Yes, it really is all about the beach here.

Oh yeah and the food. This is what's left of our dinner from Holy Mackerel Fish and Chips shop in Noosaville. This box was filled to the top with fillets of fish, calamari, fish bites, potato cakes and hot chips (that's Aussie for french fries). This is probably some of the best fish and chips I've ever had in Australia. It was well done and nicely packaged in the big cardboard box. This box full of fish and chips known as the Family Pack costs about $35 AUD. It was enough to feed the four of us and then some. There was plenty left over.

And finally, it's nearly time for sunset at the Noosa Yacht Club.
Ah, yes Noosa. A lovely little holiday destination. The Handsome Australian and I would highly recommend it.


barbara said...

Hi,i enjoy reading your blog and as i live in brisbane it was interesting to hear your thoughts on noosa, which is also my favourite place. By the way the man wearing speedos, we call them budgie smugglers as the men look like they are smuggling budgies!!

Annelise said...

I am not sure what to say about that picture of the sausage.... Actually I am quite sure what I would say, it would not be PC and you would not post my comment. So I stand on the side of caution.

Your being from the sandy city is not a reason not to jump through the waters of the ocean. I do it all the time and am made for the water...I may have been a mermaid in a former life. Well I am had no former life but you catch my drift. The man in the speedo leaves me speechless in a bad way and I need your readers to know that he is NOT the handsome Australian.

You have the good life Handsome Australian's Wife!

suzinoz said...

Thanks Barbara. Glad you like the blog. We really like Noosa. Unfortunately, we leave tomorrow! I'm already planning my next trip up here though. It's been really, really nice.

suzinoz said...

Annelise thanks for reserving your comment about the saugsage. The photo rotated that way when I uploaded it. I couldn't work out how to get it back. It does look rather, um, strange.

And you are correct in your observation that the man in the speedos is NOT the Handsome Australian. The real Handsome Australian is much harier than that.

Annelise said...